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Top 3 trekking tours in Sapa

Located in in the Northwest region of Vietnam, Sapa and Lao Cai are two important cities within the province at the border with China and are home to more than 30 ethnic minority groups such as Hmong, Dao (Yao), Giáy, Pho Lu, and Tay. Our tours will take you on a discovery journey across breath-taking landscapes and will offer you a unique chance to witness the most authentic parts of Vietnam. Come and learn more about its ancient traditions, its culture, and its people. We have selected for you a top 3 trekking tours in Sapa.

 1. Unforgettable Sapa Holidays - 4 days 3 nights

This tour is perfect for those who wish to discover Sapa and its surrounding villages in a limited amount of time, but still be able to enjoy trekking in beautiful locations and meeting with the local ethnic minorities. The tour includes transportation from and back to Hanoi, to Lao Cai by night train or express bus, as well as an English-speaking guide to accompany you. It features a visit of Sapa city and its local market, as well as several ethnical villages reached by easy trekking. You will witness the traditional lifestyle of friendly local people as well as the rural scenery of rice paddies, wooden bridges, and rivers..
You will explore Ta Van village, located in the peaceful valley of Muong Hoa, populated by Hmongs, Giay, and Red Dao. We will also take you to Lao Chai village, inhabited by Giay and Hmong ethnic groups, as well as Ma Tra village, which belongs to black Hmong tribe.
Such a trip will indeed leave you with unforgettable memories of this beautiful region of Northwest Vietnam. 
For more information and a detailed itinerary please refer to our 4 day Unforgettable Sapa Holidays!

  2. Colorful Trip to Sapa & Bac Ha market - 5 days 4 nights

This tour allows you to explore Sapa region in depth and will let you meet with the local population and experience their generous hospitality. As with the previous tour, transportation and guidance will be provided to ensure every part of your journey goes as smoothly as possible. One of the highlights of this tour is certainly the visit of Bac Ha Sunday market. Let yourself be transported and dazzled by the many colors of this morning market of the hill tribes of Northwest Vietnam. The market is attended by at least 8 different ethnic groups and is also an opportunity to visit the H’mong King’s palace. This tour also features some moderate trekking along dirt trails through rice paddy terraces to different local villages like Ban Pho - a chance to enter several local houses and share some green tea with locals and learn about their daily life. We will of course take you to Sapa and its local market, and to the famous Cat Cat village to witness a wonderful waterfall. You will then travel to Y Linh Ho, Lao Chai and finally Tavan villages, where you will experience a night in a Dzay family. This tour offers a really unique chance to interact with the locals, learn more about their culture and shall strike you with the beautiful colours of Northwest Vietnam.
For more information and a detailed itinerary please see our 5-day-colorful Trip to Sapa & Bac Ha market

  3. Sapa Trekking (3 nights in homestays) - 7 days 6 nights

Experience with this tour an immersive journey at the heart of Sapa region and witness both stunning rural landscape and the incredible hospitality of the local population. Spanning over a full week, the Sapa Trekking tour is designed for nature lovers and customers in good physical shape, as you will be walking from 4 to 6 hours a day accompanied by an English-speaking guide. You will walk through bamboo forests and across rivers on hanging bridges, explore authentic villages among rice terraces, swim at the foot of majestic waterfalls, and enjoy many more beautiful sceneries. Rest assured though, you will still have plenty of time to rest and meet with the different ethnic groups such as Hmong, Giay, Red Dao, Pho Lu, Tay and many more. Indeed, one of the highlights of the tour is the fact that you will be spending 3 nights in homestays (houses on stilts) hosted by local ethnic families. This is the perfect opportunity to experience the traditional lifestyle of friendly locals and take part in community activities such as traditional weaving. If you want to immerge yourself fully into the raw beauty of Northwest Vietnam, then this tour is definitely made for you!
For more information and a detailed itinerary please take a look at our 7 day Sapa Trekking tour

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