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The reasons Da Nang is considered as the most livable city in Vietnam

 Why not Hanoi, Saigon ... Da Nang is considered "the most worth living city in Vietnam"? Do you agree with this point, please read the reasons behind Galatourist listed enough convincing yet?

1. City of new buildings

Da Nang always owns something that can create a "fever". That is talking about the new, exciting. One of them is Ba Na - modern tourist resort with cool climate. Then the giant Dragon Bridge can spray fire water. Then come to the Sun Wheel, or simply talk about a lovely modern A La Carte hotel.

Recently, people were fascinated by the carp image of a nearly 200 tonne dragon carp that was installed on the East bank of the Han River, located between the Dragon Bridge and the Han River Bridge.

After the dragon carp was inaugurated, a "love pier" was built at the Han River. Heart bridge with cute locks on the bridge is an interesting and romantic place for couples. Love is not strange in foreign countries but this is the first time this unique project appeared in Vietnam.

2. Located in Central Vietnam

From Danang, visitors do not have much effort time to visit the famous tourist attractions nearby. They can drive to Hoi An, can also take the bus takes about 1 hour to see the Lang Co or Hue to enjoy the taste of the ancient capital. From Da Nang to My Son is not far, and go to Ba Na by motorcycle. With strong travelers, driving on the Hai Van Pass will be an ecstatic experience by the spectacular beauty of Vietnam.

If Hue or Hoi An are reminiscent of the image of the ancient capital, ancient city, Danang makes people sympathetic and want to return for civilization, modern and "change themselves" very clearly after each time visit.

3. Do not hack the tourists

What is most loved in this sunny land, of course, is the people here. When you come to Da Nang, people in Quang will give you the first gift is the smile. Regardless of where you come from, what do they do, they are considerate and helpful when you want to ask the road, hotel address, even some taxi drivers, cyclos will "design tour" for first guests arrived in Da Nang.

They will enthusiastically advise you which restaurants are good and cheap, you should visit this destination... In general, to Da Nang, you never Do not open your mouth to ask and will be responded with as enthusiastic as possible of the people here. You even want to talk to them more, because their voice and their way of talking are great!

4. My Khe Beach is charming

Being blessed with beautiful beaches, My Khe beach has been voted as one of the six most charming beaches in the world by Forbes Magazine.

5. Free Wifi coverage throughout the city

Say goodbye to the days when you have to go to a cafe with no wifi, or miserable wifi when sitting on the sidewalk noodles. Because Danang is a place where you can use wifi in every corner of the city. No city in Vietnam has this kind of special free service. Starting on July 10, 2014, Da Nang has officially provided free wifi coverage throughout central areas to help people and tourists have a stable and seamless internet connection.

6. Tasty and cheap food

Needless to say much about how Westerners love Vietnamese food. Hanoi has noodles with rice vermicelli, Saigon is emerging with rice paper, rice cake or rice, Da Nang and Hoi An really a small paradise of cuisine. In Da Nang, visitors can eat from the smallest items such as rice crackers, buns at the price of several thousand / unit, delicious noodles, baked scalloped barbecue flavor from 15,000 to 20,000 VND.

7. Indulgent alcohol market

Located on Ong Ich Khiem Street, in the center of Da Nang City, Cho Market is considered one of the largest and oldest markets. Built in 1940, due to lying on a high land in the middle of the street so people here familiar mouth called the Cho Con.

And you know, if you go to Con market, do not be afraid to spend a little more time to eat the dishes here. The best food comes from the streets, from the markets of the indigenous people, and the main bazaar is such a place.

8. Take the public toilet "comfortably at home"

And to build an increasingly friendly city for everyone, the recent 5-star public toilets have become a campaign of wonder. Hai Chau Business Association and Travel Promotion Center.

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