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The beauty of museum of ethnology

 The Museum of ethnology preserves and displays many objects of 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam, including 15,000 artifacts, 42,000 color photos, 2190 positive films, 273 audio interviews, 373 videotapes and 25 CD-Roms (as of 2000). These objects are classified according to various criteria such as ethnicity, utility, clothing, jewelry, farm tools, fishing gear, household appliances, musical instruments, religious beliefs, weddings Please, vegetarian and many other spiritual and social activities.

The bronze drum demonstration site regularly presents all 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam. There are many common objects in the daily life of people. Particularly rich are cloths of different ethnic groups, such as looms, skirts, towels ... decorated with various traditional techniques; Knitwear, especially basket, basket, tray; bamboo musical instruments, dry gourd; ritual artifacts ... In addition to artifacts, the galleries also feature photographs and documentaries, reflecting all aspects of tangible, intangible culture, life traits and light. creation of the race. All information in the exhibit, articles and annotations is available in three languages: Vietnamese, English and French. The museum also publishes a number of leaflets, which are available in Vietnamese, English, French, Chinese, German and Japanese.

In the outdoor display area, there are 10 folk architecture works such as Bana communal house, Ede's long stilt house, Tay house on stilts, half-floor house of Dao, of the Hmong, the Vietnamese tile house, the lower house of the Cham, the wall of the Ha Nhi, the Giarai collective tomb and the cemetery of the Cotu people. In this green garden, there is a Ngo boat of the Khmer people and rice mortar of the Dao people. In front of the Vietnamese house, Saturdays and Sundays there are water puppet performances by the local puppets from different villages.
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