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Mr. Stewart Riley 2.2017

  • Customer Name: Mr. Stewart Riley
  • Address: United States
  • Tour:  Indochina package 15 days
  • Date: 12 – 26.02.2017
  • Group size: 2 persons
"Dear Tu:

I just wanted to thank you for assisting us in putting together a sensational trip to Indochina.  We flew back to Seattle from Hong Kong on Thursday.  There was not a single problem along the way.  The drivers and guides were prompt and most helpful and the hotels were all fabulous.  Everyone at the hotels was so friendly and great.  I had hoped to thank you personally when we were in Hanoi, but we were so busy as you know that it didn't prove possible.  We just didn't have enough time in Hanoi to make that work.  I will definitely refer anyone that wants to go to your area of the world to you for assistance.  If you ever come to Seattle, please look me up.  Many thanks and best personal regards


Lynn Rosenblatt 1.2017

Clients informations: 
  • Full name: Lynn Rosenblatt
  • Address: Atlanta, GA - US
  • ​Trip: Vietnam Cambodia 16 days 
"Now that we are home and adjusting to a 12 hour time difference and an extremely long flight of 36 hours I wanted to take time to personally thank you for your assistance and oversight of our recent trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. Without a doubt you were the reason that our trip was so successful and enjoyable. Your choice of guides was remarkable and we were particularly pleased with our guide in Cambodia as he and the driver were very helpful to my husband who was physically challenged in that environment. I did tip everyone a bit extra as they certainly deserved it. 
Cambodia was more challenging than in the Vietnam cities where the only problem that we encountered was the hotel where an elevator was not available. Joel  simply could not handle the stairs in that hotel  as they were steep and I could not help him as the curved staircase was too narrow. In Cambodia the terrain, steps at Angor Wat and the multiple boat trips were also very challenging and the guide was extremely helpful. Joel was unable to do the ladder at the nature preserve on the last day but the river trip was very nice. 
All in all it was a terrific experience. I will certainly recommend your services to anyone who is interested.  My only comment is that there were some activities that may have been better suited to a younger traveler and it would have been nice to have known that beforehand so that we could have made some adjustments and avoided confusion. In the end but it all turned out well, thanks to you and the personal attention of the guides. Please let their employers know how good they were and how much we appreciated all they did for us. I will post a complimentary critique on Trip Advisor. 
Lynn Rosenblatt"

Mrs.Vassa Reddy 1.2017

Clients  informations:
Full name: Vassa Reddy
Address: South African

We decided to do a far east holiday with family and friends and went out in search of a tour company (normally plan our own tour) that would give us value for money, the best accommodation and the attention we needed. We were a group of 11 and wanted to do our tours as just this group alone and we got just that. We requested accommodation at hotels with 4 star rating in all the cities we were visiting and were most surprised, the accommodation in all cities were of exceptional standards, the service, cleanliness, space, closeness to attractions and sites was awesome. The transport provided was up to standard, we had our own medium air conditioned bus throughout the tour. The English speaking tour guides provided in all countries were great, obviously the English was not perfect but we were able to understand each other, they were friendly, courteous and very professional. 
We did a 19 day tour through 3 countries, make sure you have plenty of space to take lot's of pictures, bottled water is a must but provided in abundance on the tour and hotels, sun block and hats a must.
I would highly recommend using Gala Tourists for your tours in the far east, they package your tour to your needs and not theirs. If ever i do a far east tour again i will definitely use them again.

Ms. Desiree Herbert 12.2016

  • Full name: Ms. Desiree Herbert 
    02 pax
    British & French

"Dear Ms Minh,
We would like to thank you for organizing our trip to Vietnam. We were really pleased with what we saw and would ideally have liked to spend more days in Hanoi and Hoi An. A big thank you also for the excellent restaurant and meal in Saigon in substitution of the meal on the road from the Mekong Delta. It was a perfect way to end our holiday and greatly appreciated.
We thought you would like some feedback from us regarding our trip and be sure we shall write on your site and also on Trip Advisor. I will pass on your Agency name to any of my students, friends or acquaintances who intend visiting Vietnam.
Hotels: the hotels were of an excellent standard and we particularly liked the fact that each hotel was completely different to the others. The service provided was impeccable. We were very grateful to the reception staff of the Spring Flower Hotel in Hanoi who came to our assistance immediately when Marilù was knocked off her balance by the front door which suddenly blew open. The Swan Hotel and cruise were great fun. The enthusiastic young staff made our stay extremely interesting. The Sapa Hotel provided much appreciated electric blankets to help keep out the cold in the evening and when the fog lifted we had some great views of the valley. We considered the Midtown Hotel in Hue to be the absolute best of all. After so much travelling we felt embraced by the beauty and comfort of the hotel. The Hoi An Hotel was also of a good standard and ideally located near the old part of the town. The Sunrise in Saigon was also well located and it was easy to walk to the town centre from there. The Mekong Lodge was like paradise. The bamboo furniture and bungalow with verandar were another world for us.
Drivers and cars: our drivers were excellent. They always arrived at least 15 minutes before the arranged time and looked after us well. The quality of the cars was also excellent.
Guides: we were a little disappointed in the language level and involvement of some of the guides . We understand that both English and French are difficult for Vietnamese people to pronounce but sometimes it was difficult for us to understand their explanations.We also felt the guides could have given us more information while we were travelling in the car.
Mr Van from Hanoi was probably an exception. His level of French was excellent and he gave us a lot of information which helped us understand more later in our journey. I felt he could have been a bit better with his timing as I would have liked to have visited more of the Museum of Ethnology and one of the pagodas closed 10 minutes early so we were unable to visit it. We particularly liked the Temple of Literature and Mr Van’s explanations here were really interesting.
Mia from Swan Cruises: Mia was probably our best guide. She was young, enthusiastic and highly professional and involved all of us in the activities offered. She kept a careful eye on everyone without making anyone feel pressurized. She took the situation in hand when Marilù had her little accident and waited for us to join the trip. Her level of English was good and she made our trip fun.
The guide from Sapa was original. Her level of language was quite good and you could understand that she had picked up her language from staying with tourists as her choice of vocabulary was quite modern and urban.   We  were able to understand most of what she said.We expected to walk a lot more than we did.
Although the guide from Hue tried really hard she  was very difficult to understand in both English and French. She obtained  her Tour Guide licence in October so she is only just starting this work. She showed us a lot of really interesting things and between the 3 of us, although tiring,  we managed to grasp the concept of most of her explanations.
We felt the guide from Saigon could have explained more during our travel out to the tunnels and also when we stopped outside buildings in Saigon.  
Our guide at Mekong Lodge was at first apprehensive of allowing 2 old ladies to walk so much. We found this hilarious and after 2 hours of walking we were fine and he was exhausted! You see Ms Minh, we live in the mountains and on the lake and we are accustomed to walking a lot. Our area is particularly beautiful throughout the year and there are plenty of places to walk.
I hope this feedback will be of use to you. (We are both qualified teachers of our native languages for foreign people and have been on the board of examiners for tourism in our province for many years). We would suggest you add the Saigon Opera House to your programme  as it is a little jewel. The theatre is interesting and the Teh Dar performance at the end of the year was amazing. We would recommend it to everyone.
Trusting this finds you in good health we wish you a very happy and prosperous 2017.
Kindest regards,

Mr Alfredo 02.2016

  • Customer Name: Alfredo, Clarice, Marcos & Denise
  •  Address: Canning - Buenos Aires - Argentina
  • Tel: 54-11-42957809
  • Tour: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar
  • Date: 4/2 - 26/2/ 2016
  • Group size: 4 persons


Dear Thuong,

 We put together some comments of our tour, your impecable advice,  and the proficiency of Gala  Tourist

1) Coordination of everything ( that includes hotels, transfers, flight reservations, daily tours, etc ) was perfect so I guess that a lot of effort was put to get all the things done, in the right time and the right way. I guess that your suggestions were incredible valuable, because you put us in the places we wanted to be

2) All the people involved with us in this tour but specially the guides and drivers, were profesional, with a lot of patience and very kind and helpful always. Your calls asking how the tour was going, were very helpful o let us know that someone was caring about us, specially considering that we were far, far, away from home, in an entirely new enviroment for us....thanks for that again

3) Just a recommendation about getting the visa entering Viet Nam, the procedure took a long time ( almost 2 hours ) with many tourists waiting, some of them in a hurry for their connecting flights.

4) Hotels were extremely confortable in all locations ( a pity not to stay longer using their facilities !! )

5) All the tour route, including all places that we visited, how we moved between them ( vans, boats, speedboats, even a cart pulled by a horse!!!! ) was not only interesting from a cultural point of view, but also amusing, having a lot of variety and it could show the past and present history of the countries and the people living there.  I would include ( because sometimes the people ask for them  ) a visit to the tigers and an elephat ride, at least as a suggestion.

To think: A downtown starting tour to " locate" the visitor in the town, before going to main attractions ( Bangkok, Ho Chi Ming, Hanói )

The first day it was scheduled a dinner and a show. As it took place after almost 20 hours of flight we could not appreciate it as it should. The food and the place where it was served, were less than expected. The show was good.

6) Meals were absolutely Ok with our expectatives, abundant, well cooked and that was a high point of the tour. The restaurants were also very nice and very well served.

7)The Ha Lon cruise was a Golden key to this tour!!!!!!!

Thanks again from the four of us

Best regards

Alfredo, Clarice, Marcos & Denise

Mr. Steve Johnson 2016

  • Customer Name: Mr. Steve Johnson
  • Date: March 2016
Ms. Hue:
I have been remiss in not writing earlier to express our deep appreciation for your work in arranging our Cambodia trip in February.
We had a wonderful time: excellent guide, good driver, nice van and great accommodations.
The trip/tour included all of the features and promised events in our written itinerary plus there was time for shopping and relaxation
Best of all – we had a great tour agent – Ms. Hue of Hanoi!! We have recommended you to friends and bragged about what a wonderful trip we had.
We are planning another trip next February – maybe Vietnam and/or Cambodia – and will contact you once our plans are more concrete. If we visit Hanoi, I would be happy to meet you in person.   
Thanks again.
Hugs from Takoma Park
Steve Johnson

Mr Terry Mchivor 4.2015

•    Customer Name: Mr Terry Mchivor
•    Address: Canada
•    Email:
•    Tour: The best of Vietnam and Cambodia 15 days
•    Date: 20 Apr – 04 May 2015
•    Group size: 2 persons

Just some feedback regarding our trip. We were delighted at the planning and scheduling, and the standard of accommodation was excellent. We found the guides informative and eager to provide the experience the traveller wanted nit just sticking to an itinerary
The drivers were impressive give the organised chaos on Vietnamese Roads so we soon felt in safe hands. I have to say that the flexibility and dependability from Galatourist was first rate and we were delighted to meet you guys briefly. The whole trip was worthwhile and considerably more cost effective than had I booked through a UK agent. Just one small point, the intinerary I had was not the same as the guides in Cambodia, it wasn't a problem as we decided where to go and we rested on the final day prior to the long journey home.
I will be recommending your team for all far east travel in INDO China in the future.
best wishes

Mrs Mohammed Basdaye 4.2015

•    Customer Name: Mrs Mohammed Basdaye
•    Address: Canada
•    Email:
•    Tour: The best of Vietnam and Cambodia 15 days
•    Date: 14 – 28 Apr 2015
•    Group size: 2 persons

Hello Ms Nguyen,
I do hope all is well with you and your family.
I am now back in New York and just wanted to thank you so very for all you have done in putting this trip together and your company,s contant support during the time we were on tour.
I was totally happy with the services of the guides,drivers,form of transportation,hotels and tours which were provided.
Your country is amazingly beautiful and I must admit that I fell totally in love with it and it,s people.
I would certainly recommend your tour company to my friends and relatives and hope to visit again in the future.
Once again "Thank You".
Take care and keep on touch.


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